Brave Desktop Win10 Locked up, blocked to opening after latest update instructing me to "close" Browser

I had notice to close browser to update to latest version. I don’t know which version, because after I closed browser, it never opened again. I tried opening settings but it would not open … I tried to extract bookmarks so I could delete and reinstall … nothing would open.
So, I opening Firefox and searched for a solution. I found a page that instructed me to look at Brave properties and then add a line of text that would open a “new” bookmark for brave, which I followed, but the procedure did not work. I did manage to “import” my bookmarks from Brave into Firefox.
So, I uninstalled Brave and reinstalled, but it continued to be blocked or locked up. It’s dead. So I uninstalled again. The version I downloaded was BR002.
I’m mainly reporting this, as I assume more than just me were affected by the new “update.”
I think if you put a notice on Brave with a link to download the new version with a fix for what the update messed up, then it may work. I’m kind’a stuck with Firefox now unless there is a more user friendly “fix” to reinstall Brave that will work :frowning:
I was not using “wallet” or any of the other “features” … just the basic browser with 1 extension that had been on it forever … the FTP extension to clean up Facebook stuff.
Thank you

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