Brave will not launch after today's update

Brave browser will not launch after today’s update on MX Linux. I can’t tell you the version number because it won’t launch. Everything was fine until the update. Please let me know what other information I can provide.

@Amandaville can you check to download newest version of Brave again. They just released a new update a couple hours after you posted. I’m thinking perhaps you grabbed hold of update from a few days ago where there’s been some known issues.

Other thing to do is to try to see if you can open in private window.

Hello @Amandaville

after check if there any update as @Saoiray suggested and if it did not lunch then

you can get the version by running this command on your terminal brave-browser --version

also try to start brave using the command line brave-browser from the terminal and see if you get any error message

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

does it launch but quickly shuts down again?

Requested GLES version (3.0) is greater than max supported (2, 0)

also line 48: 9501 segmentation fault.

happened when I ran beta, so I switched to stable. once stable got to 1.60 or so, it just stopped. Pureos on Librem 5. 4x ARM Cortex A53

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