Brave will not launch on Ubuntu 18.04LTS


I had a software update on Ubuntu 18.04LTS and after I noticed that when trying to launch Brave, it does not launch the Browser.

I see that the version is: and was last updated 15/12/2018.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to solve this issue or whether this is the updated version? It just stopped working altogether.

Maybe something on Brave was overwritten during the update or something similar. Have you ever done a new installation?

Hi MediaBird,

I just went through the release channel installation on the link you provided and on the last bit I got this message:

E: Unable to locate package brave-browser
E: Unable to locate package brave-keyring

Hi, I can’t help that.
But maybe @Mattches @eljuno ?

I uninstalled Brave via the Ubuntu Software center and then re-installed via the link you provided. I was greeted with a message that I had to install curl: sudo apt install curl

After doing that and applying the commands for the new install from the link you provided, Brave is now working again.

Thank you.

If you don’t add the repository, the Ubuntu software center install Brave via snap packet.

No problem :slight_smile:

Hi N.Abraham,

It’s weird, as when installing via the Ubuntu Software center, it is installing an older version of Brave.

When installing under the link provided by MediaBird (above), it has installed the latest version: Version 0.57.18

That’s because they install/run parallel to run another so that you can have any number of brave builds on your machine without them conflicting or orcerwritting data between one another.

It’s because it installs via snap package.

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