Fedora 37 updates Brave not longer starts

I’m running Fedora 37 and did an update this morning. Brave was updated during this process. Everything was working fine before the update but now when I load Brave it crashes on startup.

New version: brave-browser-1.50.121-1.x86_64
Old version: brave-browser-1.49.128-1.x86_64

Error on startup: /usr/bin/brave-browser: line 48: 9733 Illegal instruction (core dumped) “$HERE/brave” “$@”

I ran sudo dnf downgrade brave-browser
New package version is: brave-browser-1.50.119-1.x86_64

Now it works again. I’m not sure if the newer version has an issue or if there’s a conflict with another package.

Anyone run into this yet?

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