Brave weird visual artifacts when switching sites

@Koin2323 lot of little issue here, including the idea you created this topic in the area where you’re asking for your account to be deleted. But it seems this request has nothing to do with deleting your Brave Community account. It’s very important you put things in the proper categories. Equally important would be you providing a lot more details than you have. You might want to check out my guide on Creating Topics

That said, I’m going to ask you some things below. I’m kind of throwing all troubleshooting steps out at once, so it’s a lot to check. But figure it’s better to list now rather than doing a constant back and forth in replies.

I want you to provide info where possible. Each thing that is asking you to try a troubleshooting step should be done separately, don’t combine steps. If I say to do something like disable a setting, I then want you to go to YouTube or other sites and see if the issue happens. If you ever notice the issue go away, you can stop at that step as it likely tells us the issue. If the issue continues, then you can go back to the prior setting(s) and move to the next step.

  1. Which OS are you using? (Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac 14.2, etc)

  2. Which version of Brave are you using? (exact number, don’t just say “the latest”)

  3. Does turning off Shields make a difference?

  4. Are you using extensions?

  5. Does it happen in a private window?

  6. Go to SettingsSystem → disable Use graphics acceleration when available.

  7. Create a second profile and test there. It’s hamburger menu
    imageMore ToolsAdd new profile. Don’t add extensions or change settings. Use new profile just as it comes.

  8. Go to brave://flags. Have you changed anything? If so, try going back to default.

  9. Last, but not least, go to brave://flags and try to toy with some of the graphics. For example, enable or disable Vulkan. If that has no impact, try going through the different options for Choose ANGLE graphics backend.

Again, don’t move on to the next step if it resolves in an earlier step. For example, if opening in Private window solves your issue, you don’t need to move on. That will tell us your cookies and/or extensions are the issue. There would be no need to try changing anything else.