Thumbnails Problem Youtube, Websites not loading up correctly, Windows 10 Home 64bit

Thumbnails problems on Youtube not loading previews etc , sometimes websites are not loading fully at all. Got to press often refresh button. Java, Flash updated. windows 10 64bit updated

Do you have any extensions installed at this time?
If not it could be a Hardware Acceleration issue. Can you try disabling it in settings to see if this resolves the issue?

You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

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tried it it solves issue for a bit then its back to same. secondly i have one extension google translate only but forced it to translate only when i clik on it.

I do preffere to have hardware acceleration on but i remember Thumbnails been like it even with turned off. Id happens randomly on opened tabs not always but sometimes to often. IT may be google translate issue ? i guess even if is official and forced to run when i Klick on it? Ill try it but if i remember tried it already too. Also ive done restore settings to defaults. and updated everything Iv`e could.

Without google extension no difference. Without hardware acceleration there is but some thumbnails 10% of whole you tube still white. Better but not perfect.

Can you try browsing in a Private window and tell me if you get the same results?

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Mattches Got hardware acceleration off private window works perfect. Minus got to log inn everywhere obviously.

only one small glitch

If you have HWA enabled and browse in a private window, does it work the same? More or less glitchy?

Either way this is most likely related to bad data in your cache. I would recommend clearing your browsing cache/data in Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data.

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@Mattches yes one of top in last post in the middle. Ill try do the clear cache. in a min :slight_smile:

@Mattches Solved !! THANKS so Much :slight_smile: Works even now with the acceleration on. Ill try later on add google translate see what happens. Thought Advance System Care cleans cookies etc but obviously was not doing it. Even when i have it only manually without any service running cos i thought it may do some conflicts with Windows Defender etc.
Tell me only how to set it up in those settings safely so every time it will clean only what it need to be cleaned but without much of cleaning saved logged in websites if its possible. As i see there is quiet few options

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Glad that did the trick.
You should also be able to install Google translate again – it shouldn’t cause any issues (most extensions don’t, but it’s often a good place to start which is why I asked).

While you can’t set Brave to automatically delete cookies at specific [time] intervals, you can set data to be cleared when you exit the browser, which you may find useful. You’ll find this in the same Clear browsing data menu – just select the On Exit tab. Note that only the data types checked in the boxes will be cleared on exit:

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@Mattches Yes Thats what I mean id like to set up it on every exit. Your suggestion would be i guess cookies? Those caused that weird problems? But off course sign in data can leave blank… Tell me witch ones to mark up for every exit if you can :slight_smile: sorry

Same problem again with the auto cleaning settings on. Plus have to log inn each time. Completly frustrating.


Just googling, youtube thumbnails not showing It seems to be common issue, not directly related to Brave (affects other browsers the same way). Clearing cache, cookies/site data, test in private window mode would be start:

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@fanboynz Ive done it already. It is some way related to Brave unfortunately because Internet Explorer Works OK, Chrome works Fine and Brave Beta was always working fine. And i have 100Mbit. But i want to use only official Brave browser, im sure others I`ve mentioned had no issue.

Small update.
1.Wifi Network set up to automatic re-connection as was on manual. (that was causing sometimes problems too but i was changing it by mistake to manual from taskbar)
2. Nvidia and Intel Graphics drivers set up to defoult.

  1. AdWare Scan I`ve deleted most of Advance System Care keys etc. except main program. Plus some Sheduled runs on Driver Booster etc. as wanna keep it. Kaspersky was ok with it only USA antiviruses are not happy with this program.
    Now this step helped a lot for the moment :slight_smile: see what happens.

Seems to be ok now. But definitely must say other browsers was working fine also Brave Beta. With Advance System Care.

Another update. !!!
Because same problem after those changes in previous steps I`ve made.

1.Deleted in AdWare Scan whole Advance System Care. Restart.

  • No changes it was same.

2.Deleted whole cookies in Brave again. - Its again perfect. Ill see how long :slight_smile:

  1. No its same after all those changes I`ve made. Its ok for a while. Then it goes back to this blank Thumbnails.

Thank you for all of the information. Let me dig into this a little further as I’m not sure what the next best step is. Also, can you tell me what Brave version you’re currently using (Menu --> About Brave)?

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@Mattches sent one email to you directly had to wait 4hrs here as i was texting too much :slight_smile:
1.17.75 Chromium: 87.0.4280.88 Official (64-bit)

Latest Windows 10 Home 20H2 compilation 19042.662
Asus Rog GL552VW_WIN10_64 All latest drivers Official, Plus latest Gefeorce 930M ( and Intel HD530 (

  1. UPDATET NEW WINDOWS 10 December 8, 2020—KB4592438 (OS Builds 19041.685 and 19042.685)
  • INSTALLED ITSLEF WITH Microsoft Edge - Works Perfectly as fast and smooth as Brave in private mode.
  1. Updated new Intel Management Drivers.

So at the moment Brave works ok again after restarts and few system updates.

Comparing it to Microsoft Edge ( unfortunately must say Edge is much more responsive)
I want to stay with Brave as i understand there are benefitst with it Ad Block, Rewards etc

How about try in new Brave profile? Assuming you’re not using a VPN also, which may cause similar issues. @robchio86

Easy test by just installing Brave Beta

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