Getting my USDC back

I sent some USDC to my brave Wallet with no issues. Now I am unable to return it to the wallet sent from due to gas fees. I would like to be able to send my USDC back to my original wallet. This all feels a bit scammy. I want my USDC back please.
I have read about the gas fees and I didn’t have them when |I originally sent the USDC. The Gas fees are more than the amount of USDC I have. Makes no sense.

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Subtract the gas from the amount you are trying to send. You can see the balance is 80 USDC or 74.33 euros plus gas at 1.475 euros totals 75.81. More than is available in the wallet.

I’ve tried that, I have tried to send half the amount of USDC also.

I have reduced the amount and it still wont send. My conclusion is either there is something wrong or this wallet is a scam and I will never get this USDC back.

My bad, I just reread the bit about no ETH. Your only option is to wait until gas prices are lower and transfer a couple of dollars of ETH to cover the gas. Every time you do any transfer, swap, bridge, staking there are gas fees. 1 or 2 dollars worth isn’t bad compared with prices when things get hectic.

why won’t it let me swap some of my USDC for ETH?

You need ETH to pay the gas fee to make a swap or send. You can learn a bit more about how it works here:

Thank you!

Thanks, that did the trick.