Error Hello, my problem is

Description of the issue:
Hello, my problem is that I have sent USDC to my coinbase wallet and it has not arrived, I have seen that it has been sent to an address that was not the one I entered and I don’t know if something could be done, I have the transition and the Contract of that address
Is the issue occurring on a specific network?

What operating system are you using? w10

Brave Version (check About Brave): Last

Additional Information:

I will tag @onyb to help. Thanks Onyb!

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Can you please answer the following questions?

  1. Which network did you make the transfer on?

  2. Can you please share the transaction hash so I can inspect?

  3. How did you enter the address in Brave Wallet?
    a. Entered manually
    b. Copy-pasted from Coinbase Wallet
    c. Copy-pasted from Etherscan
    d. Something else (please specify)

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