Not enough GAS FEE to tranfer to Binance. but what coin?

I transfered some coins from Binance to the Brave Wallet. And, if not enough to transform the coins in “binance-peg” tokens, i tried to transfer some coins back to Binance. However, the wallet don’t let transfer because don’t have enough “gas fee”. I know that i need pay the fee to tansfer, but i have the coins in the wallet. I tried SWAP for some other coins, but again don’t have enough gas fee.

So, WHAT coin i need have in the wallet to pay the “gas fee” transfer the coins to Binance?

Disclaimer: My knowledge is limited, therefore this will be a very generic answer. On top of that, your post appears to have provided very little details. So it’s hard for me to help research to give an answer:

Gas fee always depends on the network. If I’m understanding things properly on BUSD vs Binance-Peg BUSD, then the Peg is wrapped. What network you then send is what you’ll need to pay.

  • Polygon = MATIC
  • BNB Chain = BNB
  • Avalanche = nAVAX
  • Ethereum = ETH

So question is, which network is your coin on and are you trying to send it? That will determine what you need…

And like it says at it can exist on multiple chains.

Thats it! I am trying the Binance Chain, but don’t have BnB in the wallet.

Thank you!

Before transferring any token to a wallet, it’s better funding first with some gas of the desired network, sending (for example) USDT in a new wallet in BSC network is useless if you don’t have BNB there to do any following movement (swap, stake, transfer).

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