Brave wallet is broken

I run Linux Mint 19.3.
Brave browser is brave-browser 1.38.109 (from APT repository

I configured Brave wallet a month ago and it was working great, I think the last time it was working was 2 days ago, on 2022-04-28. I configured other chains in the past, like Binace smart chain, Polygon, Fantom Opera, etc. There was no problem.

Wallet doesn’t work anymore. I can login, I can see accounts but I cannot see balances. I can switch smart chains and I can switch between accounts but balances are missing. When I activate “extended mode”, I cannot see transactions, I cannot see accounts, like Brave wallet is waiting for data those are not received. Something is really broken… :frowning:

This is a bug report. Brave wallet was working but is broken now. I am not sure, maybe I upgraded Brave to the latest version and that is the troublemaker. Do you need more details?

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I downgraded Brave:

$ sudo apt install brave-browser=1.37.116

Wallet is working again, I can see balances again. This proves that the latest Brave upgrade is the troublemaker…

The downgraded Brave (1.37.116) has no extra networks configured (Binance, Polygon, etc), all that configuration I added in the past was lost. The last time I configured networks manually. This time, I added networks with the help from, it is easy, just find the blockchain that is required and add it to the Brave wallet with two or three mouse clicks…

I am wondering if maybe one of the services were down and later went back up. Could you try and see if 1.38 still gives you these issues?

My Brave is at 1.38.111 and the wallet works as expected.

about 3 weeks my wallet stopped showing token balances from different blockchains separately and now show everything together, including showing ethereum while im using bsc, 2 weeks ago i sent bnb to the address and now its completely broken shows a balance of $0.0000000000000003102 please help im unable to do any transaction due to this

Hey could you list out the steps to downgrade Brave as well? I am having issue with the latest update and want to test a prior version? Can you explain it like I am 5…never done a downgrade before…

Upgrade/downgrade in Ubuntu/Mint from shell (CLI):

$ # Get list of versions available for install
$ apt-cache showpkg brave-browser

$ # Downgrade Brave to version 1.37.116:
$ sudo apt install brave-browser=1.37.116

$ # To freeze package, use "hold", to release it change to "unhold"
$ sudo apt-mark hold brave-browser

$ # Standard update
$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

I had an issue in the past and I downgraded my Brave for a week but I already use the latest Brave…

do you think its possible on windows

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