Almost nothing functioning correctly with the new brave wallet

I’ve just updated my browser and had to restore my wallet. After doing that I’ve got what looks like a fairly major refresh to the wallet ui.

But not a whole lot of it seems functional. Not able to connect with dapps. Not functioning properly on different networks.

Are these well known issues with the latest update, and if so are you going to be rolling back the update asap? Can’t access anything at this stage…

I’d leave and go to another wallet provider, but brave using a weird derivation for legacy wallets sort of has me held hostage for this particular wallet.

Having same issue currently, got funds stuck in Brave at the moment - Is anyone here addressing this issue?? I have to migrate my tokens within the next few days If i don’t sort it by then I lose my whole balance and my Brave wallet doesn’t work so I can;t do anything.

I have tried solutions including going to

  • brave://components
  • checking update status,
  • restarting browser
  • Running Safety Check to look for updates (nothing)
  • Checked brave Version on PC and its same as recent release
  • still only sending legacy TX and not EIP1559, with no option to update

Browser may be updated but wallet doesn’t look like it, is there any fixes for this? its pretty urgent

Guys, is there going to be any response to this at some stage?

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