BAT wallets not saving updates?

I’ve been experiencing this issue for quite some time and I seriously have no idea how to go about addressing it.

I have multiple accounts on my browser and whenever I try renaming them from “Account 1, 2…” they always get reverted back whenever I close out of the tab.

What also gets reverted is what “tokens” I have added to the wallet. Say I have 3 accounts, account 1 has some eth. Accounts 2 and 3 have two different tokens. Whenever I switch between the accounts I can only see eth balance and not the other tokens. I continuously have to manually add the token to the account just for my balance to show up.

Anyone else experiencing this? I love this browser to death but this is driving me nuts since I know at some point I’ll make a mistake sending my crypto to and from these accounts since I can’t label them or have my coin balances stay.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!