Brave wallet got hacked

I just logged into my wallet to realise that the rvlt and matic i held in there is gone. I cant see a list of transactions either so no idea when this happened. Please help

Are you sure? Check once again. Restart Brave perhaps or even the device.
Did you handover the recovery phrase key to anyone?
Did you reset the Brave Wallet somehow?
Also check if you are looking at the correct brave wallet. I mean if you have multiple profiles, you could be looking at a non default profile.
Seen people complaining they lost all data on Brave, but when tried troubleshooting, realised they were on another profile.


I never gave out any information to anyone. I last checked my wallet about 1 week and abit a ago to claim rvlt.

Wanted to claim again when i realized everything was gone. Checked polygon scan and my account got wiped 3 days ago

I had the same thing happen on May 2nd my wallet got reset and showed my rewards profile was created on 05/02/2023, at 11:50:39 AM plus I lost all my passwords and my bookmarked site I filed a ticket only to be toll I was flagged for “Irregular activity”

You lost all bookmarks and all as well, therefore will advise you to post at the topic created by Mattches with info such as your OS, Brave version, what all data has been lost, is any data still there etc.

I got hacked 3 days ago. Crypto was sent out, checked polygon scan and transactions are there

Nah, not really. You can read all sorts of articles online. Such as that will explain it.

Usually this happens if you’ve allowed access, provided your details, have something like keyloggers or such on your device, etc. The likelihood of anyone being able to hack into Wallet is quite slim. They have to be given some information or permissions so people could take from it.

@Opalsky I’m going to advise you to reach out to [email protected] to advise of the situation. That said, I’ll also tag @hub and @jleonard in case either have something to add.

Most times when you end up with things like crypto being taken, all you can do is try to track where it’s gone and then contact the locations it was sent to and file a police report. As to whether you’d be able to recover it or how seriously your police department take sit, it’s a roll of the dice.

Yeah, my nephew was using my PC, loads of virus were downloaded but crypto is gone

How did you claim? Did you connect your wallet to any website in order to claim? if so, the likelihood that you were scammed is huge.

Very sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately there is not a lot we can do and I do not know exactly what happened to your account. We highly recommend securing your online data/online presence and ensure that sites you visit — especially any involving buying/earning/exchanging crypto — are legitimate before using them. We also recommend storing your security phrase(s) somewhere offline so they may not be stolen in the event your accounts are compromised.

As far as brute forcing these types of security phrases, that is extremely unlikely as a 12-word BIP39 phrase is very hard to crack using brute force tactics. As the article that @Saoiray linked to says:

A 12-word seed phrase has a possible combination of 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456

Just out of curiosity, which wallet were you using?

I’m more willing to bet on math that seed generation on this wallet was somehow compromised. The 12th word of a valid BIP39 recovery phrase is the checksum, i.e., it depends on the initial 11 words. One or both of these 12-word phrases therefore had an incorrect BIP39 checksum, and appears to be generated with bad randomness - likely, intentionally by an attacker.

There have been very popular paper wallets that were later revealed to be exploits after a long time. Their trick was to deterministically generate a fixed set of 12-word phrases that the attacker controlled, and wait for several years to drain the wallets.

Goes without saying that you shouldn’t use the said wallet anymore. But as you rightly said, nothing is impossible. :slight_smile:

Thanks, i gave my nephew access to my pc, which i dont use often. There were programs and viruses downloaded. I have secured my pc but i now need to start from scratch again. Best just to create a new wallet

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