Lost all my brave rewards after login

Lost all my brave rewards after login

@Radouco Can you explain what you mean? Login to what? If you mean you just connected to Uphold or something, then it’s not lost but would be in the process of going from your device to Uphold. That process is from your browser to Brave, then Brave validates it and processes, then they send a direct deposit to Uphold. This generally happens within 24 hours.

But if you’re speaking of something else, please do clarify so we can make sure you’re getting the right answer and assistance.

I had a lot of rewards, but now Just 7,5. I have a print to prove.

@Radouco Okay? So what you’re showing there is a bunch of things received from Brave in one day, which is highly unusual. Brave tends to combine transactions into one deposit. So I’m not sure why you have so many deposits from Brave listed.

Your transaction history there also shows that you moved 74 BAT to Uphold, I’m guessing to a different account or to a different portfolio within Uphold. If you don’t know where that 74 BAT went, you would have to reach out to Uphold to see if they could help you with it.

They tell me to talk to brave. What im supose to do?

@Radouco well, first thing need you to do is explain better your situation. What you showed is payments received to Uphold. So are you saying it disappeared from Uphold? Or are you complaining about something else?

If you’re saying it disappeared from your browser, then that might be issue here, where you’d likely need to file a support ticket with Brave. But first just needs as detailed description as you can of where you’re saying your Rewards were and where they vanished from. Am I assuming right you’re saying it was on Uphold and disappeared from Uphold?

disappeared from Uphold.

Now what? Can you solve the problem?

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