Brave wallet freeze the browser and the whole computer

Description of the issue:

This is the problem I already have had for months.
Every time I open Brave wallet after a while it starts rapidly slow the browser at first and then freezes the whole computer. After that, the last thing I can do is restart the computer and open another browser and use Metamask or other ext. wallets.
Its so annoying.

Does anybody have the same issue and how it can be solved?

I’m using the new Brave Wallet

Brave Version: v1.49.132

Windows 10 Pro
Version: 22H2

@wishxy Hello :slight_smile:

Sorry I can’t help you with your issue. I use a desktop running win10 and I do not have this issue. If you are still experiencing this issue, it would probably be helpful if you provide your device/OS version.

Also, are you using extensions in Brave? Have you tried disabling them to see if an extension is interfering? Other typical troubleshooting things to try:

  1. Create a new profile and see if the problem continues to occur in a new profile.
  2. Test if the problem is occurring in Brave Beta and/or Nightly

Please post an update with any additional info. Take care. :slight_smile:

to add to above,

maybe you can open you the developer console and see what errors are loading.

Happy to hop on a call with you too if needed. is my email.


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