Brave browser freezes websites

Hello, I love using brave but when I have opened the tab in the background for some time and I click on it again, it is frozen. I have to click on another and then on that one again to unfreeze it.

Also, I can’t verify myself on UpHolds, is there any other way to withdraw money from Brave?


This is likely to conserve computing power, and I believe it’s only for the graphics (for example, Don’t worry too much about it and feel free to reach out to others.

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I don’t think it is for pc power, I have intel core i9 and RTX 3090. Is it possible that that much power it uses. I have opened many tabs at once.

I don’t believe that it should be the issue. I have a Intel Pentium and it still works well (a Pentium is worse than a i5)

I really don’t know what can be the issue that’s why I opened this forum.

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