Brave browser after the update is very slow and freezing websites

After the Brave update the browser is a mess.

Brave didn’t fix the loss of token after the previous update and now with the latest update websites freeze or they do not open properly.

Could you try opening websites in a private window to see if load properly?

I’m having same issues regarding websites… VERY slow, including just “liking” posts on LinkedIn. Big issues with TradingView. I opened TradingView in private window as suggested above, and working perfect. Problem only started a few days ago.

Edit: In private TradingView worked as expected, got me to assume an extension… found out my issue is an extension called “ShopBack Button - Cashback & Coupons”. Tried a few extension on/off and reboots, was Brave consistently slow only when this extension is “on”.
Thought I’d leave here in case this helps anyone else.

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I’m glad that you helped yourself. Makes me happy! :slight_smile:

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