Brave vs Firefox Pros and Cons

Brave Pros:
Fast as hell
Privacy focused
Easy access and creation of profiles
Site info is easily accessible

Brave Cons:
PIP is terrible
Most extensions (that I’ve used) aren’t very good
Based on Chromium which is made by Google
Tor feature creates a false sense of security (it doesn’t change your finger prints like the Tor Browser does)

FireFox pros:
The best PIP I’ve ever used
Supports lots of really good extensions
Bookmarks can be sorted
Gecko is open source and not made by Google

Firefox cons:
Slow as hell
Sync requires an email
Profiles arent easy to access and create

Overall Brave and Firefox are pretty good browsers. I just wish Brave could fully remove Google’s presence from the Browser, Because when I tried doing certain things with my cookies, I found out that Chromium has a bias towards Google’s platforms, and this bias has leached over to Brave. If Brave just makes a good Picture in Picture feature (just allow me to change the video’s time with arrow keys please) that would be really appreciated