What benefits should i consider in brave browser rather than mozilla firefox or chrome

Hey ! Am new to the Brave community here.
Just wanted to have a clear understanding, about comparision between Brave and the other two browser which is mozilla firefox and chrome, Mostly people use Chrome as it is way famous and mozilla firefox as well. What things and new updates makes Brave browser better than the other two browser.
It would be a pleasure if the Brave responds to this…
Thanks regard.

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Google Chrome is proprietary software and it can spy on you whenever/wherever it wants. Basically you are giving all your personal data to Google.

Mozilla Firefox is much better than Chrome. However, on my Windows 10 laptop, Brave browser, which is free and open-source just like Firefox, is faster and uses less CPU/RAM.


https://youtu.be/4rtP-0Pu-pA @Anas55 :wink:


and more…


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