When Brave will release inbuilt VPN for its browser like Opera?

I started liking Brave more than Opera but VPN feature is holding me back from the browser. I am a regular Opera user and in my opinion Brave browser should have inbuilt VPN which will attract many users including me. I love this browser but please add this feature …

Brave has Tor, this is much better.



Opera doesn’t have an in-built VPN, they only have a proxy service which they call a “VPN” to give users a false sense of privacy for PR reasons.
If you want a VPN, you’ll have to get a real one.
Brave has TOR, which is much better than what chinaman-Opera has to offer.


Opera VPN vs Brave’s Tor.

In the world of browsers, Opera is certainly very secure, with more security and anonymity features than most. It even has a built-in VPN, but it is probably not the best VPN out there.

Opera Proxy Review

However, compared to Tor, Opera is very weak when it comes to total anonymity. Tor’s purpose and foundation revolve around privacy, and all of the traffic that is sent over Tor is filtered through the Tor network (you can go to Tor Project | Privacy Online to learn more) to keep you private. Unfortunately, this makes Tor very slow. Besides that, there are many built in services that work with Tor to provide better anonymity in general, with several different operating systems (Tails, Whonix, Qubes, etc.), VPNs (TorGuard), and even WiFi routers that work with Tor.

If you want to know how an Opera VPN would compare to Tor, a VPN and Tor are both meant to mask your IP address and such other information. I believe it would be better to trust Tor than a VPN, because the security of your VPN relies on the company that makes it, whereas Tor is open-source. Also, regardless of VPN, a browser can still be exploited, because the well-being of the VPN and browser are separate (whereas you can combine Tor with a browser using Tor Browser).


I only want VPN only to watch Netflix services as some of the contents are blocked in my country

Hi Rishabh ,
I only want VPN to access blocked content in my country.
Do Brave have any feature to access blocked content in my country ?
My concern is only to watch Netflix videos and download content from torrentz2.eu which is blocked in my country .

Menu → New private window with Tor (or just Alt+Shift+N).
If the website is still blocked, Menu → New Tor connection for this site.

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Hi @anuragnandi

If you don’t want to spend money on VPN all tho its recommended (If yes, go for CyberGhost)

If you want a VPN that just works while respecting your privacy FOR FREE.

Try using - Windscribe VPN
It works great with NetFlix, No matter in which country you are in.

Its free for 10GB per month.


This Extension works great with Brave & Chrome browser (Highly Recommended)
CyberGhost For Brave.


Hi @Rishabh
Thanks mate I didn’t Knew about Windscribe VPN

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