Free to use VPN

The VPN service provided by Brave Software should be free, I understand that it is a way to monetize their work, but the Opera browser and its namesake, Opera GX, have their own VPN service with free and unlimited use, and in my opinion, adding a free VPN can be one more reason to switch to Brave Browser, providing its users with one of the most famous features of one of the most competitive browsers.

Grow up, delivering features like VPN generates costs for Brave and as You mentioned it is a way of monetizing/generating money that are necessary to maintain servers or delivering new features. You can say that it can be one more reason to switch to Brave Browser but they need more people who can pay for their services (like VPN)that people who expects that everything should be free (like You right now). And the argument about Opera is so stupid that I can’t even imagine someone came with idea so stupid like that. If company X offers feature for free then company Y also has to do it? Do You publish stupid posts like that on Proton Mail that Gmail has 15 GB of storage not 1 GB so…

The term you do not know.

Brave is into the crypto world, with the sponsored banners or notifications that are ads, besides, the system is provided by Vanguard, it is not Brave’s in the strict sense of the word.

The stupid thing would be to talk about the subscription to the search engine.