Confirmed Brave Verified Creator on two channels, still "not yet configured to receive contributions" (inaccurate)

Hi, I did look for others’ posts about having this same issue, and while it does seem that I’m not the only one, none of their issues were actually resolved from what I can tell.

I am a confirmed Brave Verified Creator (with the checkmark and everything) on two separate channels (YouTube and Vimeo) with a successfully linked Uphold and Gemini wallet. However, they still say right in the same window (which doesn’t make sense): " This Brave Verified Creator has not yet configured their account to receive contributions from Brave Users. Any tips you send will remain in your wallet until they complete this process. Learn more.

YouTube has been this way for over a month, so I added Vimeo to see if it would work properly - same story there. How can I get Brave to acknowledge that these are already properly configured to receive contributions?

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Did you have a verified wallet connected to your creator account? If yes, then try to reconnect your wallet.

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