Brave Verified Creator - not yet verified - please help

Hi! Would you please be so kind and offer me assistance.

I have created a brave creator’s account, linked it with my Uphold wallet and also my Youtube channel “smoothIToperator”.

When I open my YouTube channel on my tablet or smartphone with my android Brave browser and click on the triangle “Brave Rewards” it says “not yet verified”. This has been going on for days. I then unlinked my YouTube channel with Brave Creators and re-linked it again and still I am not “Brave verified creator” or verified.

My Uphold wallet is created with a different Gmail than my YoutTube channel. Is that a problem? But the wallet is successfully linked with my Creators Account.

Thank you very much in advance.

Did you tap “refresh status” in the first place?

Yep, it just keeps refreshing endlessly and nothing changes. What do you see when you open my channel in your Brave browser please? smoothIToperator on YouTube. Am I verified or not?

Thank you in advance. yes, it says that you are verified (after clicking the triangle).

Really? Thanks so much. So it got throught it seems. Great!

How long did it take for everything to sync up for you? I get something similar- that I am verified, but that i’m not signed up to receive contributions- did I miss a step somewhere?


Hello mate!

I had to click on the “Refresh” to see that you are a “Brave verified creator”.

How long have you been using Brave Browser? Did you get any BAT so far from viewing ads from the browser? Or did you disconnect this feature?

Is there a “Brave verified creator” on my channel right now because I made some changes? Thank you very much in advance.

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Do you have an Uphold wallet and account connected with your Brave Browser?

Darn… your have a great banner and a logo but it still says you are not configured to receive contrib-s.

Thanks mate, I appreciate helping me out in troubleshooting this.
Thats what I’ve been running into as well. It says I am a “Brave verified creator” and I have an Uphold wallet connect with Brave and such, and on both sides I’m verified, but I still get that banner that say’s I’m not configured right. Any ideas as to what I might be able to try or where I might look?

Thanks again!

@steeven Is this something you can look at or assist with? :slight_smile: Thanks

I hit refresh status and it looks like if finally flipped over. I must be a timing thing- it looks like my site finally got all synced up.

Hopefully you see it too?

Thanks again mate for helping sort this out

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Sweet! you are a OK now, but like you said I had to also click on refresh.

No problem, pal. Seems you sorted it out.

Please have a look here at my very humble IT channel am I also sorted out:

Do you also have to click on refresh? Can I have a screenshot? Pretty pleeeaseeee? Thank you, pal.

Thanks! Yeah, I’m not too sure why it took so long for everything to sync up…

I just checked out your channel - no refresh needed on yours, and got your custom banner.
LOL - no problem- screenshot below :slight_smile:

Cheers mate!

Thanks so much for the screenshot. Hey may I ask you please since it is definitely your area… do you use a custom andriod/iOS camera app on your smartphone when you shoot videos with it?



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Nope nothing custom, I usually just use the stock iOS camera app if I’m shooting with my phone.

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Weird!I kinda have the same issue, but then with my site instead of a YT channel. Can you tell if it’s verified? It showed it was verified on my mobile, but on the desktop it tells me it isn’t. Kinda confusing :frowning:

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Well, you seem “lovely” now. I didn’t even have to refresh. I guess it takes time to become a verified creator. A few days at least. Do you have an Uphold wallet also? So you connected it with your Brave Creator account?


Yeah! Thanks, appreciate it! Funny thing is, I was verified and then all of the sudden not. But all works now! :slight_smile:

It should be connected to uphold. Maybe that took a little longer and messed up the status.

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You are welcome. Sorry for the late reply. I am thinking of making a YouTube tutorial video how to connect Brave Creators account with a website or Yt channel. Did you notice that there are no videos like this? I connected my Brave browser first to the Uphold wallet and then did it with my Brave Creator’s account. Didn’t try tipping myself. Private Brave account tipping the Creator’s account.