Brave updates erase all bookmarks

I used to use Firefox, but switched to Brave as my default browser while still using my older iMac. I purchased a new iMac approximately six months ago. Every Brave update installed since I got the new iMac (using High Sierra 10.13.6) has completely deleted all of my bookmarks. This has forced me to import my bookmarks from Firefox after every update. This is a problem since I do not update my bookmarks in Firefox any longer, as all new bookmarks are added to Brave. As more time goes by, my Firefox bookmarks list becomes more and more outdated, and my Brave bookmarks increase. Also, instead of importing my folders just the way I have them in Firefox, they are imported in one folder called “Imported Firefox Bookmarks”. If I want to select a bookmark, I have to open that folder, a subfolder (i.e. Sports) and then click on my bookmark (i.e. ESPN). This is too cumbersome, and defeats the whole purpose of bookmarking in the first place.

However, after this last update, I refuse to import my bookmarks again, as setting my bookmarks up the way I want them is very frustrating and tedious in Brave. I refuse to waste any more time setting up my browser the way I want it, just to have it all wiped out the next time some bug fixes are addressed. Can’t Brave be updated without wiping out user settings, etc?

Update: I’m glad I didn’t waste my time importing and arranging my Firefox bookmarks, because just as I feared, another Brave update has reared its head right on the heels of the last. This would have taken me back to square one. Why can’t we have a browser that is both private and dependable?

Hello! Below are the versions that I currently have installed since this posting:

Brave browser version: 0.58.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10 Home.

In a previous installation of Brave Browser (not the one listed above) I had several bookmarks saved in “Other Bookmarks” which the latest install (listed above) erased all of them.

i did same this morning, J04N_D03 … open brave and go to bookmarks/import … there it will show all the browsers including your previous brave’s ‘old-browser’ bookmarks/history. screen-cap below … make sure to click on the image to show it completely:

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