brave translate fail

I can’t translate some pages like reddit or the steam forums to spanish, I think it fails to detect the english language, if I select the source language manually the translation works, but I have to do this every time.

in other pages like blizzard forums, it translates but after a few seconds, it goes back to english language and I have to use the translator again.

in chrome or chromium, it works perfectly. I’m on windows 10 and the version of brave is v1.50.114 (Apr 5, 2023)

Welcome to the site.

Unfortunately, I am forced to do the same manipulations as you. I don’t know of any other solutions at the moment.
I suspect that site developers do not correctly indicate the tags describing the language in which the page is written. Personal observations to be confirmed from the source code.

Note that sometimes the translation is done automatically from page to page.

Yea. I know, I had raised a topic at

But got closed with no reply. I’ll tag @mattches to get some info.

Thanks for reaching out.
Honestly I had expected to go to reddit and translate to Spanish and see the same issue as you as I know there have been issues with some sites before but after I refreshed the site it worked without issue:

I’m wondering if any installed extensions you have might be conflicting with the translation process — can you please try disabling them temporarily and test to see if you get different results?

Additionally, can you tell me what other sites you have issues translating on (I know you mentioned blizzard forms but exact links would be helpful), and additionally, confirm that most sites do work?

hello, brave updated to the latest stable version, in incognito mode with all extensions disabled.

the blizzard forums, where I have problems are

it translates to spanish but after a few seconds it returns to english language.

in the steam forums, also occurs the same problem as in the reddit forums.

by the way in the reddit forums, I am using the old version.

steam forum

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