Brave Translate doesn't work

i’m using the version 1.52.126 and brave translate doesn’t work.

he ask me to translate pages, i click on french but nothing happend and the page stay in other language.

how can i fix it to avoid using a plugin who can spy.

Today, translate was down for 5 minutes. Could be the problem. :

brave translate never worked for me since i use brave (about 1 week)


  • Could you share which website(s) you’re experiencing issues with?

  • And you’re saying you are trying to translate it to French, right?

  • Also for curiosity, which version of Windows are you using? (like 7/8/10/11)

Other thing I forgot to add, so editing in. Can you test with a Private Window to see if it works? Essentially I’m wondering if any extensions you’re using might be causing a conflict. So often might try that.

Might have more info for you later but these were quick questions on my mind

@ Saoiray

  • i tried on many websites and don’t work for ALL but the last one i tried was ameba
  • yes
  • windows 11 22h2
  • same problem in private mode

sorry i forgot give theses infos in my 1st post :frowning:

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@Mattches I just tested on that amea link but then also on which I use as a default to test. Same as Breat had said, it seems translator isn’t doing anything. Even tried with Shields off out of curiosity.

Last I’m seeing at shows it down, but it’s saying 5 minutes.

Not sure what the issue here is — on my end this seems to be working just fine on both Windows and macOS. Note that on Windows, it did take a little while for the translation to go through — maybe about 15 seconds or so.

@Breat can you please try visiting the site, translating to your preferred language and then waiting between 15s - 1m and then tell me if the page ever translates?

Ah, earlier I did wait like 30 seconds and nothing. But it just translated after the time like you said. So might be intermittent issue on server side? Oh, and this was only when I told it to translate to English.

Then I went to and I got: KONAMI専用短縮URLサービス _ コナミグループ株式会社 - Brave 6_23_2023 16_33_33

Going back to and setting it to translate to French, even after a minute, nothing:

So it looks like this is specific to this site and, further, it looks like translation into all other languages does work in Nightly builds without any issue. Note that I did open an issue for the team to review regardless:


i retried on ameba and try on baidu webmaster and alternativeto like this i tried on 3 languages.

Since 1 week when i tried this function i waited sometimes more than 1 minute and didn’t work.

Today that works, so that works but very slow (compared to imtranslator i used before on opera).

Like @Saoiray tied on konami, i did too:

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