The translator does not work when translating in Spanish. ANY SOLUTION?

Very good for everyone, the problem I have and I really do not know if it’s just me is that I’ve been using Brave for more than a month, actually for me it’s the best browser, everything has worked perfectly, but it turns out that there is a problem and I think it has been the one that has affected me the most. THE TRANSLATOR DOES NOT WORK. I always see pages in English (I speak Spanish), and by right clicking on the page to translate and understand what it says, it remains loaded in the translation and stays there and never translates or, sometimes, just closes the box which indicates what the page is translating In reality, I just wanted to know if it is a browser error or if it is an error that only happens to me and if in future updates I solve this because the translator really was something that was used a lot in other browsers and Right now I need it. Everything is super perfect. I await your answers :), thanks.

PD: If you see some things wrongly written or poorly formulated is that I had to write the text with the google translate :slight_smile: sorry


It’s simply because it’s not fully implemented. If not changed, will be available within 0.65.x release

Also, it’s better to search for existing thread first. With “Latest post” sorting, you’ll find many similar posts. :wink:

Like Problem with the Google translation English to French on the Web


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