Brave Totally Blank

Latest MacOs Brave version downloaded.
After launching it, the welcome web page is totally blank.
The upper menu appears well but is mute, even the ‘about’.
To sum-up, Brave is like a ghost… Nothing appear…

It is still the same issue after several try of restarting computer, re-downloading Brave…

On Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6
MacBook Pro

| Identifiant du modèle :|MacBookPro6,2|
| Nom du processeur :|Intel Core i5|
| Vitesse du processeur :|2,4 GHz|
| Nombre de processeurs :|1|
| Nombre total de cœurs :|2|
| Cache de niveau 2 (par cœur) :|256 Ko|
| Cache de niveau 3 :|3 Mo|
| Mémoire :|8 Go|
| Version de la ROM de démarrage :||
| Version SMC (système) :|1.58f16|

Help needed ! Thanks.

Hello @ElpCrypto

try to start brave from the command line

using this one

open -a "Brave" -n --args --disable-gpu

if it work fine then go to the setting and disable the hardware accerlartion

hope that help and have a nice day

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:+1: Amazing ! I just did what you advised : it works perfectly well :smiley: Thanks so much. Have a nice evening too.

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you very welcome and glad it worked

and thanks a lot :slight_smile: