Brave Browswer Extremely Sluggish, Even Frozen on Macbook Air

Suddenly Brave browser is extremely slow to open tabs and to load pages or to do anything. Sometimes absolutely nothing happens. Cannot quit by simply quitting. Have to force quit each time. Using Mac os Ventura 13.6.6 [had to revert back from Sonoma because of major issues with that ios]. Everything worked well with Ventura 13.6.4 but began to have browser issues with Opera which have slowly gotten worse over the past couple of months. No changes were made to the computer prior to this change in the Brave browser behavior. It was working very well then all of a sudden has become unusable. The only error message I’ve seen is the you’re currently offline one on FB. Browser is up to date. Version 1.65.132. Chromium: 124.0.6367.202 [official build] [arm 64]. Discarded and reinstalled. No change. There is no Hardware Acceleration anywhere under settings. Activity monitor shows 0% CPU usage. Memory goes as high as 9 GB. It did operate without problems when booted in safe mode but Apple senior advisor had no answer for why. No change with secure DNS on or off.

What does brave://gpu/ show?

I’m on an m2 Mac book Air here, I just use that latest version from Apple. Are you on x86 or Arm (M-Series) ? Shouldn’t need to revert MacOS versions tbh

Regarding Hardware Acceleration, the option should show in brave://settings/system

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What specifically are you asking about in brave://gpu?

What do you mean by Shouldn’t need to vert MacOS versions tbh?

Hardware Acceleration is not in brave://settings/system.

The setting has changed to be called Graphics acceleration in brave://settings/system.

He just means that you shouldn’t have had to do this — but if I understand correctly you did it because of personal issues you had with the OS, not because Brave wasn’t behaving properly on the OS?

Using Mac os Ventura 13.6.6 [had to revert back from Sonoma because of major issues with that ios].