Brave took my 25000 BATs - Your account is under review

Hello 2 month ago my account was suspended with the Excuse “We’ve noticed some unusual activity on your account”:

I always read BAT grant guidelines and I’m completely sure I never violate the rules. The thing is, I had more than 25000 BATs in my account. I won this BAT with Referal Program in my Youtube Channel and Brave took my money arbitrary. I sent an email to and they asked me about documents and proofs. I sent all that they needed many times and they never answered me. I think this was a robbery.

My lawyer recommended me take legal action against Brave. I don’t want to do it because I trust Brave and their project. But they have to give me a response.


My god!!!

Please do DM to @steeven attaching your e-mail id that you used for publishers account.

He may help you soon @cryptobosio

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Lmao can give your YouTube channel url ?

My 300bat is still under review for 20days…

Brave rewards is becoming a joke already
Bugs upon bugs

thats why i withdraw ASAP

@cryptobosio what’s the email linked to your account?

Please send in DM, as we don’t discuss suspensions on Community.

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