My 200 BAT got suspended

Hello everyone,
today when i open my brave publisher account i have seen my rewards were been suspended
as shown below

@steeven or any of my friends may help me in resolving the issue
Thank you.

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Ouch that hurts, 200bat is already money.

Yes, that really hurts :disappointed_relieved:

it’s a system for the team ha ha ha ha

But you can dm one one of the team to apeal

@ steeve please help me

@steeven please help

SAME here. My 261 BAT got suspended. I tried reaching Steve so many times and he wasn’t able to do anything about transferring my BAT to Uphold so I sent it to my CREATOR account and it said suspicious activity.

You get it from tipping or auto contribution?

I have a youtube channel

So that might be from tipping and auto contribution
Based on my viewers brave contribution settings

@youOnlyLiveOnce please DM the email linked to your account.