About my creators payment

Hi, @steeven I haven’t get my brave publisher’s payment yet since March, and my account was suspended and they sent me a mail quoted below.
“We have concluded that the activity on your account was not in line with the Brave Rewards rules so we have denied your appeal. While you remain able to receive BAT owned by people using Brave when they send it as tips or attention-based contributions, you are no longer eligible to receive BAT owned by Brave itself.”
I would like to tell you that my tokens weren’t Brave owned nor were from token grant if your team doesn’t want to pay me then can say me directly please don’t make excuses.

I am tired of listening to excuses

When your account was suspend? @Rudra

It’s been more than a month now

Did you recieve any payout before your account getting suspend? And how much bat u had when ur account was suspend? I am asking this because many people hold me that if you have Decent amount in your publisher account then brave did not pay they block account …
That’s why I am asking you

Yes I had received 61 bat before and was having 448 bat in my account

That’s means i am Right they did not pay if you have Decent amount I wish they unblock your account asap

Hope they unblock my account

@steeven anything can you do?