Account suspension for no reason

its been a month… zero response about my account. its been suspended for a friend not wanting his BAT anymore…

so im being punished for him not seeing a future in brave? … doens’t seem right.

or you’re falsely accusing members of breaking TOS so you can keep their money


Write a mail to [email protected]

Emails and all are responded to in the order received. On top of that, they tend to review suspensions about once a month, give or take. Keep in mind they do thorough investigations as well.

Large amounts (Don’t know amount, but know of people who was suspended for receiving 30 BAT) of BAT being tipped from Users resulted in a guaranteed suspension. I was one of them. They did this because of the amount of people trying to offer services to circumvent restrictions. You know, the people saying things like: “You tip me and I’ll send to you, just pocketing a small percentage for my assistance.”

If you’ve written into [email protected] then you’ll just have to wait. Nobody here at Community handles Creators suspensions.

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totally unacceptable. So they assume everyone is bad? that’s not a good look for Brave… But if that’s how they are going to handle things… " with assumptions, unjust suspensions, and making people wait over a month for a response…

Then I guess this should be brought to the public… Everyone should know that Brave is actively screwing over users.



My creator account was suddenly suspended two a month ago.
I sent the email two times that has necessary information.
However, until now I have not received any response.

Please help to check my account. Thank you in advance.


I sent this…

Subject: Too many devices.

I tried to get help from support. They have always been great. Friendly and helpfull. But they left me hanging on this one.?

I cancelled my Uphold account. Then boom. I was hit with too many devices when trying to add one of those to my Gemini. My phone, My Wifes Phone, and both our laptops. Also my back up phone but it rarely was used.

Could this be a BAT farming type block?

I would just like a clean slate and our phones and laptops connected to Gemini.

Please help. I actually miss the ads. I turned them off a few months ago when this happened. I try from time to time to reset the rewards and reconnect to Gemini. But always get the too many device error.

I Love Brave and I do not want to leave. You are the best browser.

Thanks for your time.

R. Briggs (KrazzyTrukker)

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I hope it gets resolved soon

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Wow. Quick response.

Auto reply said it may take a few days.

Then BOOM.!!

I answered the questions they requested. I hope they can resolve this. I deleted my uphold acvount out of frustration and I am Gemini only now. I believe when Uphold froze my account it triggered something, or maybe it was when I tried to move the two uphold devices to Gemini.

I will try out a new API/Custodian if and when Btave gets another in use. Upholds handling of my account was horrible. And I even had the uphold debit card. They locked me down on a verification selfie that they said was not clear enough. 8 hours later they are like sorry bout your luck. Like it was no big deal. I missed a dollar cost avrg buy in on a dip that right now would have turned that $25 of BATs into around $250 worth.

I love Brave and I got to say they have always been great to deal with… Uphold, not so much.

So many devices could be seen as bat farming atleast when connected within short span from each other. I’ll suggest making a separate a Gemini account for you wife, so you can divide the number of devices between the two so no more device error

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Yes, good advice. That was my thought too. When and if Brave gets this resolved. I will try to get her to do just that. She rarely used the browser. And that could have veen viewed as a farming ussue. Being connected. But rarely viewing ads.

They soo take forever

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I am under the impression it is the auto security algos that lock us down. They need to be strong to protect Brave from fraud. I am very frustrated about my situation and took two months off from the ads and browser to calm down.

I am just now trying to get it resolved and seeing it from another pointnof view.:wink:

@steeven just wanted to tag you in on this.

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Closing as OP’s ticket has been resolved.