Suspended my bats unjustly of creator

Good morning brave team, a lot of success in this great project, I am a creator of musical content on youtube and I work a lot there and with brave all these months before this, everything has gone excellent every month I have been paid as it should the truth I do not complain about anything I always get benefits from tips and contributions to my videos but this month I suspended the Bats I received from some of my subscribers I have some proof of those shipments but of course I do not have all of the Bats as not all of them could send me the capture of their tips but not for that reason they are illegal, i would like you to help me with this case and have at least one solution, i have not yet made the appeal because many of the people who have been investigated have been rejected and i fear the same thing will happen to me so i would appreciate your help very much @steeven because you have helped me a lot and you work very well i would appreciate it very much if you could solve something about what happened.

Hi @larezmj, please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks!