224 suspended BAT since early March

Hi, so my brave creators page still lists 224 BAT suspended. No sign that it will be unsuspended before the next payout cycle. Feb.09.2020 was the last time I was paid out to my uphold wallet. In an email from March 30th, it was claimed my appeal was approved, yet on brave creators page, I was left with a response saying " we have rejected your appeal to remove the “no grants” restriction on your account" . I never appealed to remove ‘no grant’ restriction- I appealed to get my BAT paid out to uphold - So I do not know what that is all about. Please, I don’t need anymore grants, that is not the issue, I just want to get paid out properly for the ads I opt into viewing. I guess I have wasted my time trying to get in touch via email over the past 50 days as I have sent more than 5, probably less than 10 emails in regards to this issue. Please, Brave, Help…


Hi there, our apologies in not getting back to you! Our support team is small and it can take time for us to work through every inquiry.

It looks like there was clearly some confusion in regards to your account status. I can see that you did open an appeal for your suspended BAT some time ago. However, it looks like your issue actually has to do with not receiving your Ads payouts – is that correct?

The most recent batch of Ads payouts will go out over the next couple of days. Keep your eyes peeled. If you still don’t get paid, I’ll be happy to work on issuing you a refund for the missing BAT (send me a PM directly).

Thank you, the problem is with my creators account. It tells me my balance is 0.00 and suspended bat is now up to 228.71 . It does say now that it is preparing the payout which I don’t recall if it has said that in past months - so maybe that’s good. I have also recently connected my browsers with my uphold wallet so I don’t have to self tip anymore so.

Thanks again

Hi there Pete, you won’t get any of the suspended BAT at any point, I’m afraid, and if you keep claiming grants that number will continue to rise.

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