Brave taking up a ridiculous amount of storage space on my phone

I just want to share these two screenshots of how large the Brave browser’s folder inside of my smartphone’s filesystem (Android/data/) is:

@Gandeloft ,

I do not know of a way to dump all that extra data space, than to reinstall Brave Browser on the handheld device.

If you can, use Sync to get what that can do for you . . . in terms of copying what is of value to you, over to another device / desktop computer.

What you can manually export – Bookmarks – do so.

Passwords, even though you successfully (somehow) manage to Sync those . . . use a non-Brave password manager in order to have another method of storing your passwords.

Where did all the extra data come from?

The record in the file system structure, of the existance of the file, is removed, but the space that the file occupied, for some reason, continues to exist. Over time, that occupied space accumulates.

That occupied space grows quickly, when the user is in the habit of downloading files, storing them on their Android or iOS device, and then deleting the files.

I tested that, by using an iPhone to download large installers of Internet browsers (such as Firefox for desktop computers), and then deleting the installer files.

But the actual cause, I do not know for certain.

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