Syncing across devices with Brave?

Hey everyone!

I’m a new-ish user to Brave and I love everything about it. EXCEPT the fact that I cannot sync across multiple devices. This is one thing that I loved about Firefox or Chrome, is that no matter where I was or what system i was using, I could immediately call up all my bookmarks and settings with a simple password verification.

I know that there was something called Brave Sync, which I understand went away to be improved or something. I’m just wondering - does anyone else have a method of syncing everything across devices? I know there’s a few 3rd party options out there, I’m just wondering if anyone has experimented with any of these and could point me in the right direction…

Or better yet - Brave team, is there going to be an update to Brave Sync soon?

Many thanks, I love this browser :smiley:

Yes. Brave Sync is in priority and the team is working on it. Some information can be found here

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