Brave Shields keep disabling itself

Hello, Everyone.
I have been migrating myself from Opera a few weeks back and so far is content with Brave. However, as of late there’s an annoying habit of the Brave Shields. It would ALWAYS disable/set itself Down even if I changed nothing from the Settings when I visit literally any websites I have ever opened. It would ONLY be active on Google’s search result, but as soon as visited any of its result, it would disable itself. Its annoying, and there’s no clear way of turning it off/on globally to my knowledge.

I’m sure this was because of my own meddling-in result, but I have literally tweaked nothing of the Brave Shield’s setting. I do visited the Custom Filter tab to remove some YouTube block (because I misclicked and Youtube videos play without their videos) but that’s about it. Before this day, it would work just fine

The browser is updated to version 1.40.107 when writing this, but nothing changed.

The only fix I haven’t tried is reinstalling the browser/resetting the, well Setting to its default value. Please help, thank you in advance and sorry for the simplistic topic in question.

Can you post a screenshot of brave://settings/shields ?


Try this

  1. Disable extensions
  2. Disable VPN if using one

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