Can I completely disable brave shields browserwide?

I’m using a different adblocker extension on the latest Brave, maybe I’m missing something,

I wouldn’t mind simply running it alongside Brave Shields, however I pretty often come across sites that “detect” my adblocker, throwing up some dumb screen, and 9/10 times I can disable Brave shields and keep my other Adblock enabled, to not only access the site but ad-free.

I wouldn’t mind using Brave shields, is there a way to customize exactly what it blocks WITHOUT having to do it individually for every site I visit?

You have a few things going on here. First off, you may want to tinker with brave://adblock and turn on Fanboy Annoyance List. And if you’re using uBlock by chance, you may want to enable uBlock Annoyances List (used with Fanboy Annoyances List)

That part aside, you can go to brave://settings/shields to set the default Shields settings for all sites you visit. This will set generic settings and you’d have to change on particular sites if you’d want them stronger.

Btw, if you can share what sites you’re having issues with, it would be nice to check on those. In fact, any time you find sites where ads appear, you can come here and post at and Fanboynz always checks and fixes things. There shouldn’t be many situations you encounter where you would experience issues as you’re mentioning.

Btw, I just moved this Topic over to #support-and-troubleshooting:ad-blocking since that’s what fits it a bit better.

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