Disable Shields Permanantly

I went in to the settings and disabled everything related to the shields, but it keeps coming back. Is it me or has Brave become worse over time. I installed this browser a couple of years ago and loved it, set as my default. But with every update, bloatware is added and it becomes worse.
Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the shields extension completely. Every site is unusable and I manually have to turn it off…irritating. Use ABP and it works great. Shields is just another bloatware and useless. Forms don’t work. Folks wonder why Chrome still dominates. Its just a good browser and not a ‘Jack of all trades - master of none’ as other browsers want to be. But do not want to use Chrome , privacy concerns.


@brunov To disable it open brave://flags/ and sarch for brave shield and disable as in image below.

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Thank you so much for the prompt response. It worked. Much appreciated. :pray:

@brunov , @pes , @Mattches

You have “privacy concerns”

But, when you disable Shields, you disable some privacy and security. For example, you Allow

  • Fingerprinting

Better to learn how to use Shields.

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