Switch Off Brave Shields

Hey There!
I am a brave browser user, I really love Brave but im annoyed with brave shield breaking my sites, im tired of switching it off for every site, Is there any way I can disable brave shields?

Which site is causing issues @proboy

when i use skype it sometimes break, i really love brave but i sometimes get annoyed by the shields, i can switch it off, but i want like it to be switched off by default and then when i want i can switch it on, or is it too much to ask

Adjusting shields occurs on a per site basis in the address bar. I don’t use skype, which shield option fixes it? When it happens again just change one of the shield settings to see what is causing it (so we can find the cause).

Any other sites?

nah not for now, (some of my friends stick to skype they dont like discord oof, im on both :grimacing:)

switching it off for that particular site

If there are more issues, let me know. I can investigate any shields issues (and if possible, fix it). Some sites will not like us blocking trackers, ads, fingerprinting, or 3rd-party cookies

Just @ me or prod me on Twitter if you run into more issues

thank you so much for support :wink:


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