Brave settings for Apple ID

I use the Fiverr desktop site that logs in with Apple ID and every time I exit on Brave it doesn’t remember me, even though I have the ‘Remember Me’ box checked and already have added the site to the list of ‘always allow cookies from this site’. The Apple ID login always has this annoying two factor authentication I have to use every single time, even when I turn this feature off from the Fiver settings.

Anyway I can sign in the normal way? (ie when I use Google and the password is autofilled)? It doesn’t give me autofill for the Apple ID login.

Thanks so much guys!!

It should be added that I automatically clear site data and cookies whenever I close the webpage, but shouldn’t the ‘Always allow cookies from this site’ work? I have Fiverr added to the list.

That likely is your issue. When it clears cookies, it logs you out and forgets all settings for that site.

Two separate issues. One is just saying you authorize cookies from it when you visit the site, so it won’t ask. But then in the other, you’re asking it to get rid of all cookies when you leave. So they both work independent of each other and are doing as you established in your settings.

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