Page errors with "Please enable cookies" but I have turned off all cookie blocking in Brave

On the latest iOS and the latest Brave.

The internal two factor authentication in my organization uses DUO. On the 2fa page, the “save password” checkbox is disabled and it shows an error saying that Brave is blocking cookies. I have turned off all shields and cookie related options and the error still appears.

Unfortunately there’s no way for me to show you the page because you have to first log in to the organization.

Is there some hidden setting or something more that i can try?

I would try clearing cache/site data for for the site, then try to authenticate again.

Thanks. But I don’t see a site specific cache clear in iOS. Also I’ve cleared all cache, data, cookies and so on and that’s didn’t help…

Pito Salas
Computer Science

Brandeis University

And, just to confirm, you’re sure that the “block all cookies” option is toggled “off” in Settings?

Yes. I’ve also played with other settings to see if something was connected, but it just refuses. I wanted to include the html and Js for the page but I don’t see how to get it from iOS brave.

I’m talking with the iOS team about this right now – I appreciate your patience.

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Any news here? This problem is still interfering with my work and tempting me to go back to safari.

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