Every morning i need to login to all my accounts all over again, why?


I love brave over chrome, something works here better than chrome! But one thing which irritates me no end is that every morning when I start my mac, I am signed out of all accounts and am asked to log in again. Why?

I check to see if I can set the cookies not to be deleted but didn’t find anything in settings, where I can set my cookies not to be deleted at least daily. I don’t mind once-a-month automatic deletion, but daily logins are a pain.

Please advice, is this how the browser is supposed to work, or I am missing something?

Hello @manojnayak, sorry to hear that. Have you updated to the latest Brave version? Please take a look to your passwords and logins under the password manager at: brave://settings/autofill and make sure the option Offer to save passwords and
Auto Sign-in are enabled. Let us know if that helps. Regards.

@manojnayak Well, guess there’s a few places to look to determine what might be going on. In terms of browser settings:

First: Check not set to clear data

SettingsPrivacy and SecurityClear Browsing DataOn Exit and make sure nothing is selected. Should look like below:

Settings - Brave 2_7_2023 16_08_15

Second, make sure Shields not blocking

Two places to look:

  1. Global settings. SettingsShields and kind of double check what you’re using. Ideally would be something like you see below:

If you have All cookies instead of Only cross-site then you could have issues as you’re talking about. In similar notion, if you have fingerprinting set to Aggressive it can cause issues. The only one that should be set to the maximum in many cases is Trackers & ads blocking

  1. On particular sites you’re experiencing issues, make sure your individual site settings aren’t using stricter Shields. To do that, you’ll click on the Shields lion icon on your address bar and would check settings.

Just to be clear again, the difference in the two Shields settings is the lion icon there near to the triangle is settings for that particular site only. Whereas the first one is global setting and will be the default for websites you visit, until you change it on a site level.

Third, extensions

Some extensions can cause this issue. If you’re using extensions, try disabling them and see if you still have the issue.

Finally, cleaning programs/apps on your device (for example, CCleaner)

If you’re using anything on your device to clean up files and free up space, it might be deleting info. I mentioned CCleaner but some antivirus or other programs can do this to try to free up space. Depending on the settings, it might be clearing cookies or other details.

Actually, one more…

Was about to just say all the above, but I guess other thing is making sure to check under SettingsPrivacy and SecurityCookies and other site data. Make sure you don’t have your sites listed under areas that say Sites that clear cookies when you close them or Sites that can never use cookies

Photos 2_7_2023 16_51_56

Wow, I almost thought I won’t get a reply. So thank you v much for a detailed reply. I checked everything but seems like everything was good and no red flags. Ultimately the only thing I could do is enable all cookies (which defeats the privacy-first browser inn’t).

@manojnayak Guess let me also ask, is it really “all your accounts” or is it just particular accounts? Reason I’m asking to differentiate is that there are some sites that are set to clear connections. For example, my bank will automatically disconnect after a certain amount of time with no activity or after I leave the site.

If you used settings as I described, which is allowing for first party cookies from the website, then it shouldn’t be clearing unless you have a setting, extension, or program on your device that might be doing it.

Do me a favor if you would and reply with what version of Mac you’re using and which version of Brave. I was about to tag in someone from Support to check and offer advice, but they generally like to have at least that basic information.


I’d like to report the same problem. I have used Brave for 2.5 years now I believe, and this is only something that has started happening the past week or two. It doesn’t seem to be every site necessarily, but several sites that never used to, such as my email. I’ve also noticed cookies don’t seem to be working properly on other sites. It seems to store the login status or other info for the day and then every morning I have to go through it all over again.

I have checked all applicable settings, including the ones in this thread, and they are all good. I have made sure all these sites are allowed cookies and all permissions set properly there.

I did clear all my cookies recently. The issue seemed to pop up after that. Should I try clearing all cookies again?

All accounts eg, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook etc. Even after allowing cookies

Below are my settings snapshot

Hello again @manojnayak, I am following up this case. Is this still an issue for you?

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