Auto Signing out From Websites After Rebooting Brave

I’m having this issue for past couple of days.After rebooting Brave my accounts getting auto singing out from their websites(google,facebook etc).I checked remember me box to prevent it.But it didn’t work.Then I checked if I was clearing the cookies.But it also wasn’t the case.Currently I’m using version 0.67.125
I’d appreciate if anyone could help me.

@Mishkat.22 did you have cookies options enabled for “On exit” under brave://settings/clearBrowserData? If yes, then Brave will clear your cookies every time you quit Brave.

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@eljuno nope.Its untick.

Do you have any extensions installed in the browser?

@Mattches, These are my extensions.

Can you try disabling those extensions? Afterwards, try to authenticate and save passwords for sites you have this issue with. Then, reboot your PC, relaunch Brave and note whether or not they save or if the same issue occurs.

@Mattches I followed your instruction but it didn’t work :frowning_face:

Would you mind performing an additional test? I’d like you to download Brave Beta and see if you’re able to store login credentials as expected.

Note that you can download and run all Brave builds on the same machine in parallel (without overwriting or interfering with any data from one another), so you won’t lose any data. Download the beta and try to login to websites as you would normally. Reboot and relaunch Beta and let me know if credentials are stored or if Beta behaves the same way the Release build does.

@Mattches I used the beta but it was same.For some reason the website doesn’t remember my account.

Just to confirm, you do have the following options enabled in Settings --> Additional Settings --> Autofill?

@Mattches Yes I do have it.

Can you tell me again what specific sites you’re trying to save passwords for? In your initial post you mention “google, facebook,etc” – Do you mean any/all Google account sign-ins? Are there any sites you can save passwords for that will save? For example, if you save you login data for this site (, is the information retained or is it the same as the other sites?

I have account in MAL,FM Scout,reddit.I have tried saving password on those sites but brave doesn’t remembers it.After rebooting brave every time it asks for password.
Also brave community site doesn’t remember the login data.After I reboot brave it asks me to re-login to the site.

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