Brave Search Bias manipulation

Explain this Brave…

Since you can not explain why you will not remove the device limit and let me connect to the ad rewards…

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That’s because you are trying to connect to connect an odd number of devices. That makes the system think as if you’re farming BATs.

is there a specific limit number of devices ?
Couse i observed that i am logged out from tablet, if i try to connect from phone(android both, and have installed all versions Beta,Nightly for tests).

What you’re viewing is a blatant example of how a wonderful company like Brave, created to give freedom loving users their power back, has been infiltrated by liberal employees who seek to ruin it and turn it into Google. If you can’t defeat them, you create filth spies and join them. I get attacked constantly by the prominent liberals they have allowed (sometimes unwittingly) into the high viewed pages of the forum when I bring this up. Facts are that liberals are outnumbered so they have to create an oligarchy placing themselves at the top.


Bingo. You can also see it blatantly on the News timeline.


There was one. But it was removed back in July last year sometime.
It will give that error when you try connecting a lot of devices. One workaround has been to slowly connect devi es instead of connecting them having really small gaps from the last connected device.

Brave’s AI isn’t full language model. But that aside, all AI are doing dumb things. For example, check out the below:

It doesn’t matter if it’s ChatGPT, Bard, Chatsonic, Bing, or any of the AI out there…they all say things incorrectly and have to be trained. The developers try to train it enough before publicly releasing, but it doesn’t mean it will be flawless.

On top of that, people always try to find ways to manipulate the AI to say dumb things it normally wouldn’t. It’s what people are having fun with now, trying to fool AI into saying things. When we have just a basic screenshot like is being shared there, we have no idea what was said/asked by the person searching. We do know that there is/was a source to that is being quoted for the result. We’d have to see where it pulled from. Obviously that site is a place to buy weapons and all, but it also has a forum where people talk about all sorts of things, mostly political from my quick visit.

What makes things more difficult with Brave’s AI is that it’s currently a summarizer only. It’s lacking in abilities compared to the other language model AI like Bing. What would be more useful is to know what OP asked and how relevant the Summarizer was in summarizing the question?

No device limit. Thought you got this resolved a while back. Device limit was a thing of the past. Those who do get it now have primarily been people trying to abuse Rewards by linking something like 15-20+ devices, which is unrealistic for normal/casual use.


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