Device Limit Reached - Android and PC

I realized my Android was no longer connected after i accidentally cleared data rather than cache. I tried on my laptop using brave beta, as I’m connect to Brave, and it also gives me the error on their as well.
Please help!
Thank you.

SafetyNet passes.

@andybones Interesting bit is they did away with the device limit. So not sure what’s going on with your devices. In any case, you’ll need to create a Support Ticket if you want them to be able to look into things for you.

Side Note

Out of curiosity, you have a bunch of devices/profiles? Typically only ones who get that notice are people trying to abuse the system and link like 20+ devices/profiles all to the same Uphold/Gemini in order to try to farm BAT, so-to-speak.

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Very strange indeed.
No I’m not trying to abuse anything and only use 1 profile.
I do have Brave and Brave Beta on my laptop.
I use Brave Beta on Android.
I have a secondary PC and I like to have Brave and Brave Beta on each for testing new features.
I tested, and I was able to link on Brave and Brave Beta on my secondary PC, but not on Android or personal laptop.
I did make a support ticket but sometimes thing gets seen quicker here.

So not really sure what is going on. But hopefully will get it solved.

Awesome. Might help if you put ticket number in your topic here so if someone from Brave does see this and wants to help, they can refer to it and have the extra information they need to try to make things happen. It CAN (key word is “can”) speed things up a bit for everyone.

Definitely not accusing you of it. Just was mentioning that’s what had caused it from others in the past. But as with all things in life, sometimes things happen for little to no reason at all.

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Much appreciate your responses. My first thought was that my profiles are flagged, but I’m still getting Ads and I thought those stopped when flagged.
Brave support has done a good job helping me in the past and I have faith in them to continue doing so. :slight_smile:

What’s strange is even downloading Brave nightly I can’t connect on my phone. I can connect on 3 different PCs but not at all on my phone. I have pending BATs so I don’t want to remove my Brave Beta and try starting fresh, not that I think it’ll help.

My device id is unknown on my Android in brave://rewards-internals/

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