Brave Rewards - Linked Devices Limit

Hi, My problem is that i have lose access to two of my old devices(I still have them, but i formatted them for another issues), and I would like to verify my wallet again, because I use brave a lot and all my founds are in “uphold” and I don’t want to use Geimini and neither lose my accumulated BAT, please help me :frowning:

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Bro To be honest I feel bad for you but there is no way after once you formated it


Me also have a same Problem…

Currently my Uphold Wallet is connected to two of my Laptops, for them it is working fine, but in Android phone I am trying to connect but unable to do so far.
( I might have been connected my Uphold wallet to other devices in past and then Brave might have been Uninstalled by me )

Now I want to connect my Uphold wallet to the Android Device and disconnect remaining except the currently working laptops ones.
(Because the limit is of 4 devices, and also I use Brave a lot and every time )

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