Brave safe search--what is "Strict" & "Moderate"?

I just had an adult site show up in brave search results, ok it can happen…

I went to look at safe search settings and saw that I was already on Moderate. I changed it to Strict, but didn’t see any definitions of what would and would not get blocked.

Does anyone know what would get blocked with both of these settings?

Thank you for asking.

So at this time both Moderate and Off — either of these settings will show just about all content including adult/explicit content. Obviously Strict then means “On” or “filter out any/all adult content in search results”.

The reason we have three options is that we are in the process of changing the Moderate option to essentially allow adult/explicit URLs to populate the results, but not include any multimedia content in the results (such as thumbnails). However, this functionality is currently in ongoing development. If you (or anyone) do see this option displaying explicit thumbnails/images in the search results, please let us know so we can make the necessary adjustments.

So for now, if you want adult/explicit content to appear, you can select Off or Moderate — if you’d like all explicit content blocked please select Strict.

Hope this helps.

Yeah, it helps.

I don’t think that these settings will help me here. The URL for the site is good/normal (as in, it doesn’t appear to be an adult site), its just that the site itself shows adult content. I tried sending feedback to Brave about this, not sure if it will be read.

Appreciate you sending the feedback — I can assure you it will be read. The team is quite good about this.

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