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Hey Brave community!

I am wondering if someone could explain / break down the differences between the three “Safe Search” levels (Off, Moderate, Strict) in the Brave search engine.

Naturally, I would like to maintain my privacy and protect my information as much as possible, but I am curious if / how much a stricter security setting will provide less accurate results for a typical search? (News articles, sports data, movie reviews, etc).

I realize a stricter setting will limit results containing adult content and inherently dangerous sites, but will it impact the number and accuracy of “regular” site results?

Sorry if this question is confusing - I want to choose a setting that balances safety and accuracy. “Moderate” of course seems like the logical answer, but I thought an explanation on each of the choices from someone educated on the topic may help guide my decision.

Thanks, everyone!

Safe Search is just for content like po*n, gambling, supposed malicious sites or other stuff like this.

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@indyian92 Hi and a belated welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess the “educated masses” are missing from Brave Community. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I really can’t address your question, I am one of the uneducated masses, but I am going to post a few Brave Help Center articles and a link to the Brave Browser Learn page. Hopefully it will help answer your basic questions and provide a starting point if you decide to jump into the rabbit hole. :smiley:

Brave Search FAQ

Can Brave Search use cookies to track me?

List of the cookies we use on Brave Search:

  • safesearch : Used to enforce a particular choice over whether—and how—adult content is shown in search results. It can take one of three possible values:
    * off : adult results are shown normally
    * moderate : adult results are shown, but multimedia is not
    * strict : adult results are removed

How do I configure global and site-specific Shields settings?

How do I use Shields while browsing?

How do I change my Privacy Settings?

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